Linda Bontrager


I am married to my husband for 26 years, have three kids biologically (And a couple more I call my Own!)
Growing up art was my outlet where I could express my love for color & beauty, my favorite was drawing with color pencils, and I also did some painting. In 1995 when I first saw what you could do with stamping my (& Our Life) has been changed by it. It has literally changed our family's life as we made room in our life to make a business out of it and pursue this avenue as a means to create beauty and spread the ("Good News") of Jesus with our line of stamps. I am the primary artist for our company and it has become my life to "Take whatever Life Hands you and Make it into something Beautiful" Life is not always kind and as we look into the heart of a trial or problem and say, how can I turn this into something good? What the enemy of our soul means for evil God can turn around if we let him be our guide.
For we know that all things work together for good to them that Love God. Romans 8:28 
I apply the same with any stamp I might be working with. How can I use this image to bring out its true beauty?
How much more do I have to look at every person God created in his own image & to see them as God's created beauty? You are so beautiful to God you are the apple of His eye! My prayer for each one of you is "To take whatever God has blessed you with & create a beautiful life with those around you". God Bless Linda