Shalini Pahwa


Born in a family of 5 and as eldest child of my parents, I have been since my childhood, acted as a guardian to my two younger siblings, helping them in their daily chores and studies. This imbibed in me a spirit of sharing, caring and compassion – and also sparked a trait of experimentation and creativity in me. Today, I stay in New Delhi, the capital of India, with my doting husband, my charming daughter and my parent in-laws who have supported and encouraged my artistic endeavors always.

After basic education from one of the top schools in Delhi, I did a course in Fine Arts. During the course the spark of my creativity got blossomed and my sincere dedication to work and my urge to create something different made me stand out amongst my fellow classmates and I topped in the course.

After completing my graduation, I was looking out for an opportunity to satiate my creative and artistic appetite. This I got at the leading greeting cards and gifting company in India – “Archies Greetings and Gifts”. When I joined the design team at Archies, digitization of designs were at a very preliminary stage. This provided me with a perfect platform to try new and unexplored areas. My dedication to work and my knack to churn out new and breathtaking designs boosted my career at Archies and soon I was heading their design team as Creative Head with a team of 6 designers and 4 production executives reporting to me.

My creativity though seemed to be still sparkling and thence I moved one step beyond the world of static designs. I undertook a course in Animation from a leading animation training studio in India. This course and my further work on animation projects made me look beyond the static world of graphic designing and 2D Art and my creativity took a 3D leap into the world of motion and dynamism.

During all these years while working in Archies and on Animation projects, I continued expressing my artistic expanse through various mediums like cooking, gardening, home-decoration etc. After the birth of my daughter, while I was fulfilling the responsibilities of a mother, I started experimenting with many other media of creativity. During this period, while I was still searching something special to quench my creative cravings, I discovered the romance in PAPER…and my life changed since…

On a piece of unspotted, figureless sheet of paper, I got a medium to express my art, my desires, my dreams, my festivities, my blues and my love for nature. I started modifying paper to construct leaves, flowers and shapes. I started using various paints, objects, trinkets with these shapes to construct designs inherent in me. Paper gave me unfathomable expanse to develop textures, images, shapes, borders – making me glued to this romance in paper and altered art since last 6 years.

Today I take a next leap into this exquisite artistic journey of mine my becoming a design team member of Heartfelt Creations. Brimming with excitement and responsibilities, I am sure this platform would give me another chance to fulfill my creative ambitions and that I would be able to undertake this task dedicatedly and responsibly.