Piyanki Biswas

Blog: blog.itssimplyhandmade.com

Hello, My name is Piyanki Biswas and I live in New Delhi, India with my husband and sister. I am an Electronics Graduate. Work, travel and crafting takes a major space in my life. I have been crafting forever however the style has evolved over the years. To be candid my style has always been inclined to floral designs, bouquet, swirls and layers. I love making cards, home décor pieces and wall art. An ardent traveler, photographer by hobby and passionate crafter is how my life spin today. Apart from designing for various manufacturers, my work has been featured in Home Décor Blogs and have also contributed to designing Stamps for one of the Indian Stamp Manufacturer. Flower making has been an integral part of my crafting hobby and also finds a place in all my projects.

I feel proud and honored to design for Heartfelt Creations. Its a dream come true for me. Thank you for the opportunity and I hope to inspire all with my creativity and an amazing line of Heartfelt Products.